UML Sealing Cap

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Please make sure you select the correct sealing cap for your inflator.

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UML Sealing Cap for United Moulders automatic inflators and is often referred to as a blanking cap.

There are two UML Sealing Cap options which cover the United Moulders range of auto inflators. Please make sure you select the correct one for your inflator.

The UMA3004 fits the United Moulders Mark 5 Inflator as well as the older Pro Sensor Auto. Place the cap over the Mk5i Auto cartridge to convert the lifejacket temporarily to a manual.

The UMA8080 fits on the newer Pro Sensor Elite Inflator fitting over the UMA8050 Elite Capsule.

These Sealing caps temporarily convert your auto inflation jacket to a manual inflation option. For example, if the wearer has to work partially submerged in water such as a maintenance engineer working on the harbour wall. The sealing cap is placed over the end of the cartridge or capsule to prevent water ingress when in the water. To activate the jacket the wearer has to rely on the manual inflation option only.

UML Pro Sensor Elite Information.

Sealing Cap
The new Pro Sensor Elite Inflator by United Moulders Ltd





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Sealing Cap Model No.

UMA3004, UMA8080


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