Contact RT Supplies Ltd

Contact RT Supplies Ltd

For more info please contact RTS (details below) or email

Are you sure that you are ordering the correct parts? You may refer to the RTS Guide to help you.  Watch the slideshow until you see your inflator, then click on the image to be taken to the information specific to that inflator. Most common inflators are detailed in the guide but there are so many out there it is impossible to cover all, so if in doubt just get in touch.

It’s surprising how many lifejacket users are unsure which parts they need and it’s far easier for you to call and ask. Alternatively take a picture of your inflator and email it to through.

Address and Telephone number

RT Supplies Ltd, 17 Rannoch Drive, Blackburn, BB2 5BH

Tel: 07739 765727


or see the RTS Facebook Page where you can get in touch or give me a like and keep up to date with new products and information.

I’m always happy to help if I can, so feel free to call or email.


6 thoughts on “Contact RT Supplies Ltd

  1. Looking to buy a Mk5 recharging kit (13mm with33gm bottle).
    I understand VAT on the purchase……but VAT on the postage, surely not.

    1. HI Roger,
      Thanks for your enquiry.
      If your supply of goods is subject to VAT then so is the carriage. So if I was selling a book which is zero-rated I could zero rate the carriage. If the items are standard rate, the carriage is standard rate, even if the goods are sent with Royal Mail.
      You can read this and more info is available on the web.
      NB. CO2 and some other items cannot be shipped with Royal Mail anyway.
      Hope that helps,

  2. Interested to know what discounts are available on bulk buying?
    UML Seflash Lights
    Pro sensor cartridges
    UML O Rings
    33 & 60g cylinders
    UML Safety clips etc
    Orders would be generally in the 1000 for o rings and 100 for other items.
    Many thanks

    1. HI Brian,
      I’m not used to getting enquiries through like this, so only just picked it up.
      If you have a look at my website it’s a good guide and there is a section of multi packs that offers a discount to trade buyers.
      It looks like you are a start up. By all means give me a call and we can discuss what I can do for you.
      Best Regards
      07739 765727

  3. Hello,

    I’m looking for the following items for a V85000:
    8492AM Bottom Gasket, QTY = 6
    8491AM Top Gasket, QTY = 6
    849AM Cylinder Gasket, QTY = 6
    832AO Manifold Valve Core, QTY =1
    833AOI Replacement Cap Nut, QTY = 1

    I hope you can quote these for me. Shipment by post is fine.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Tom,
      I’ve replied via Facebook.

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