MK5 Side Retaining Green Clip for UML inflator

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Please make sure you order the correct size Mk5 Side retaining clip.

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The Mk5 Side retaining clip is for the United Moulders Mk5 Inflator.

Mk5 Side Clip Options.

There are two different retaining clip options for the UML Mk5 Inflator.

UMS4014/A is the part number for the 13mm clip.

UMO1622/C is the part number for the 17mm clip.

The Inflator pictured below with the yellow body dates from 2009. This uses the 13mm clip. Older inflators with a black body use the 17mm clip. Please make sure you order the correct clip when you place your order.

If you need to buy several clips, you may like to consider the multi pack option. You can buy the clips as a multi pack of 10 or 30. The multi pack offers a saving on the individual price for those needing more clips.

Link to 13mm multi pack.

Link to 17mm multi pack.

Users should consider carrying a few spare clips. Retaining clips are an important part of the inflator. If your retaining clip is missing you should check the cylinder and cartridge before replacing the clip.

Link to UML Mk5 Inflator info.

The UML Mk5 Inflator is perhaps the most popular inflator on the market. It is used widely in both commercial and leisure lifejackets.

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