Mk5i Cartridge UMA 5000 for UML Mk5 Auto Inflator

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The MK5i Cartridge UMA 5000 with Green end cap is for the UML Mk5 Inflator

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MK5i Cartridge UMA 5000 is for re-arming life jackets which use the United Moulders Mk5 auto Inflator.

The MK5i Cartridge UMA 5000 is also available in a multi pack on this link.

All RTS cartridges are fresh stock. Please feel free to enquire before you buy to check the dates of our products. CURRENT STOCK: REPLACE BY DATE April 2026 or later.

The Mk5i cartridge comes in two models and users need to be aware of the differences.

UMA 5000 with Green end cap. This is for the UML Mk5 model of inflator.

UML 5001 with BLACK END CAP. This is for the UML Pro Sensor Auto inflator and can be found on a different listing here.

Think of the “i” in Mk5i as improved. It has been slightly remodelled from the old version so that the bottom around the cap is smoother. The new Mk5i Cartridge contains a new paper element resistant to the negative effects of high humidity. Nitrile sealing gives added security against accidental water ingress.

Although the replace by date may be in excess of 3 years from the date of first use it is important to be mindful of the guidance given by United Moulders with regards to replacing the Mk5i Cartridge.

Recreational Use: Replace every two years or by the REPLACE BY date whichever is sooner. It is recommended your lifejacket is inspected annually. Refer to your lifejacket manual and keep to service intervals.

Commercial/Professional Use: Replace annually. Do not exceed the REPLACE BY date in any 1-year period. SOLAS approved life jackets are required to be serviced by an authorised service station annually.

Check your life jacket regularly. If the green end cap is missing on your cartridge you need to replace it as the auto firing mechanism may be faulty. You also need to check your cylinder.

Link to information on the UML Mk5 Auto Inflator.

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