Cylinder Safe

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Please make sure you order the correct size cylinder safe.

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Cylinder Safe CO2 Cylinder Retention System for Lifejackets.

United Moulders developed Cylinder Safe as a unique and low cost solution for retaining the CO2 cylinder.

Historically the lifejacket industry has had a problem with Gas Cylinders coming lose in wear. Wearers often neglect to check regularly enough and a failure to inflate is an increased risk.

Simply fit Cylinder Safe between the manifold and inflator. A retaining ring holds the cylinder onto the device. The retaining ring combined with the textured finish on the product helps prevent the CO2 cylinder becoming loose during use.

The system is currently available in 33g and 60g versions. The backplate is standard with 2 options of retaining rings to hold the cylinder in place. It is suitable for other sizes of cylinder but it is best to check before ordering.

Only service stations or individuals with the competency required should consider fitting the system as it requires removal of the inflator head.

It is suitable for all United Moulders inflators. More information can be found on Page 13 of the PDF on this link or on the UML website.

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33g Cylinder Safe, 60g Cylinder Safe


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