United Moulders Mk5 Auto Inflator

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The United Moulders Mk5 Auto Inflator designed for use on lifejackets where automatic inflation on immersion is desirable.

RTS supply the United Moulders Mk5 Auto Inflator as pictured with Mk5 Auto Op Head and 13mm side retaining clip. The UMA 5000 cartridge can be bought separately. The inflator head has a 1/2″ thread and D Post fitting.

Technical Information can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

The United Moulders automatic system is activated when the cartridge comes in to contact with water. The mechanism inside the cartridge is a compressed spring held in place by a paper element. When the paper element makes contact with water the spring is released and a plunger is pushed forward. This pushes a cutter in to the CO2 Cylinder allowing the release of the gas and inflation of the bladder of the lifejacket. The auto system also has a manual backup that can be activated by pulling the toggle.

A range of spares are available here on the RTS Website.


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