UML Pro Sensor Auto Lifejacket Rearming Kit

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Please make sure you order the correct size CO2 cylinder for your UML Pro Sensor Auto Lifejacket Rearming Kit.



UML Pro Sensor Auto Lifejacket Rearming Kit.

The UML Pro Sensor Auto Lifejacket Rearming kit contains :-

1 x Zinc Coated CO2 Cylinder in either 24g, 33g, 38g and 60g. Please specify your cylinder size when adding to your cart.

1 x IU-UM1601 1/2″ Gas Seal Washer.

1 x UML Mk5i Cartridge Part UMA 5001 (with black end cap). CURRENT STOCK: Replace by 12/2025.

UML Advise for replacing the Auto Cartridge.
Recreational Use: Replace every two years or by the REPLACE BY date whichever is sooner. It is recommended your lifejacket is inspected annually. Refer to your lifejacket manual and keep to service intervals.
Commercial/Professional Use: Replace annually. Do not exceed the REPLACE BY date in any 1-year period. SOLAS approved life jackets are required to be serviced by an authorised service station annually.

The key advise to take from the UML guidance above is that the “Replace by Date” is not a date that the cartridge should be used until. It is a date you should not go beyond.

It is important that you purchase the correct rearming kit. UML have several different inflators so if you aren’t sure, please get in touch.

UML Pro Sensor Auto Inflator Information

UML Pro Sensor Auto lifejacket Rearming Kit

United Moulders are a UK company that make industry leading inflation devices. The United Moulders Pro Sensor Auto is an advanced inflation system used on lifejackets manufactured up to 2017.

There is a manual version of the Pro Sensor and to rearm it only requires the appropriate size cylinder.

On the picture of the inflator are two green indicators. The top indicator advises on the cylinder; is it empty or lose? The bottom indicator advises on the cartridge; has it been discharged or perhaps it is not functioning as it should?

It is important to note that inflator indicators such as these are a guide. If they are RED then something is wrong. If they are GREEN then something might still be wrong – you still need to check regularly. Do not think that green always means OK – keep up with your regular checks.

Items containing CO2 cylinders can be shipped anywhere in the UK although express shipping is not possible to some destinations.  International shipping is possible, but more difficult. Please check my carriage info page for more detail.

Additional information

Specify Cylinder

24g, 33g, 38g, 60g


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