Pro Sensor Auto Inflator by United Moulders

The United Moulders Pro Sensor Auto Inflator is an innovative auto inflator often seen in premium lifejackets in the UK.

Pro Sensor Auto Inflator

You can find the link to the rearming kit or the individual parts used in the United Moulders Pro Sensor Auto Inflator here.
The Pro Sensor has 2 indicator windows built in to the front of the operating head which show red or green. The Top indicator is for the CO2 Cylinder and the bottom indicator for the cartridge.

NB. These are just indicators; visual aids. If either show RED it means warning. Something needs checking. If both show Green it is reassuring, but regular checks are still important. Do not assume all is OK.

When you buy the rearming kit, RTS includes an information sheet which will help you rearm your lifejacket and give you some additional advise which you may find useful. But below are a few key points for you to consider.

DO NOT TRY TO SCREW THE CO2 CYLINDER IN FIRST!!! The firing pin may still be raised and the Cylinder will fire in your hand and could be very uncomfortable.

The first thing you have to consider with this device is the Mk5i Auto Cartridge.

Pro Sensor Auto Inflator

The Pro Sensor Auto Inflator uses the UMA5001 model of the Auto Cartridge which has a black end cap. The Cartridge has a replace by date. RTS Rearming kits will have a good life span in excess of 3 years for the Mk5i Cartridge or it will be discounted.

You should consider changing the auto cartridge before it reaches it’s replace by date. Some heavy users in the commercial sector change annually.

Screw the cartridge on to the Op Head until tight. You will see the bottom indicator on the Operating Head change from Red to Green.

Next step is to check your Gas Seal Washer.

Pro Sensor Auto Inflator

It should be sitting centrally inside the inflator Op Head. When you pull the toggle, the firing pin comes up through the hole in the middle of the washer and pierces the CO2 cylinder.

The washer has a dual function. It prevents CO2 escaping through the threaded area. It also creates a reverse pressure against the thread, meaning that the cylinder is less likely to work lose in wear.

Your RTS Pro Sensor Auto Inflator rearming kit comes with a gas seal washer, which you only need to use if the one in the device is worn or missing.

Finally you can screw in your CO2 Cylinder.

Pro Sensor Auto Inflator

The Cylinder should be screwed in fairly tight. You will see the top indicator change from Red to Green as you tighten the cylinder.

CO2 Cylinders are engraved with a manufacture date but do not have an expiry date.

CO2 Cylinders only need to be replaced if the gas has been used or escaped, or if there are signs of damage such as rust.

It is always handy to have a spare auto cartridge and cylinder, so that in the event of an inflation, the jacket can be put back in service quickly.

Link to United Moulders Technical Information.