UM6002 Retaining Clip for UML Micro Manual Inflator

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The UM6002 retaining clip fits the Micro Manual Inflator launched in 2017 by United Moulders.

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The UM6002 Retaining Clip is for the United Moulders Micro Manual Inflator recently launched in 2017 to replace the older Mini Manual.

TheĀ  UM6002 retaining clip can also be bought in a multi pack of 10 or 30 on this link. The multi pack offers a saving to the individual price for those needing several pieces.

Users should consider carrying a few spares. It is easy to lose a retaining clip from an inflator by a light snag of the pull toggle. Check your lifejacket regularly. If your retaining clip is missing check the cylinder before you replace.

Link to UML Micro Manual Inflator info.

UM6002 Retaining Clip
United Moulders Micro Manual Inflator


Micro Manual Inflator

Launched in 2017 the Micro Manual lifejacket inflator replaces the Compact Mini Manual Inflator. Being 6mm shorter and 15 grams lighter this new smaller, lightweight product is used in both commercial and leisure applications.

The unit is manually activated to initiate lifejacket inflation.

This inflator will not activate on contact with water and the user is required to activate this inflator by pulling firmly on the yellow pull toggle to inflate the life jacket.

The product is approved in accordance with the ISO12402 Part 7 standard requirement for lifejackets.


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