Halkey Roberts 840 Manual Inflator

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The Halkey Roberts 840 Manual Inflator designed for use on lifejackets.

RTS supply the Halkey Roberts 840 Manual Inflator as pictured with:

  • 840 Manual Op Head 1/2 inch UNF thread.
  • D Post Fitting
  • manual pull lanyard.
  • V85006 Lock Pin.
  • 8491AM Top Manifold Gasket.
  • 8492AM Bottom Manifold Gasket.
  • 849AML 1/2 inch cylinder gasket.

In addition RTS also add an 8451AMAG Standard Clip which is widely used instead of the lock pin.

Technical Information on the 840 Manual Inflator can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

Rearming instructions for the Halkey Roberts 840 are available on this link to the Halkey Roberts website.

A range of spares are available here on the RTS website.


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