Universal Three Point Crotch Strap Multi Pack

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Standard size with adjustment up to 140cm. Pack of 4 Universal Three Point Crotch Straps.



The Universal Three Point Crotch Strap Multi Pack. A pack of 4 UK manufactured three point crotch straps that will fit most lifejackets.

The Universal Three Point Crotch Strap Multi Pack offers a saving over buying individually here on this link.

The Universal Three Point Crotch Strap will fit most lifejackets and it is manufactured in the UK. The Three point strap can give more stability than a conventional single point strap following inflation.

This universal three point crotch strap is made of strong webbing as used in the lifejacket webbing. Key seams are all box and cross-stitched off with red thread allowing the wearer to easily identify any signs of wear.

The adjustment is up to 140cm allowing ample adjustment for wearers of varying height and build. This strap is also suitable for lifejackets whether waist belt or chest belt.

To aid setup please check out the pictures on the listing. The rear of the belt loops through itself around the lifejacket webbing at the back. The small front pieces loop over either side of the buckle on the front or can be looped through themselves to the side of the jacket lobes. Connect the 2 loops to the main strap with the quick release buckles and adjust to ensure a comfortable fit.

The Commercial sector is really pushing the use of crotch straps. Many offshore industries will not allow workers to wear lifejackets without crotch straps. They provide greater security for the wearer should they end up in the water and all lifejacket wearers should consider using one.

You may prefer to consider the single Universal Crotch Strap.


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