IU-UM1602 Multi Pack UML Gas Seal Washer

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THIS IS THE 3/8″ Version of the washer.

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IU-UM1602 Multi Pack of United Moulders Gas Seal Washer.

The IU-UM1602 Multi Pack is available in a pack of 10 or a pack of 50. The IU-UM1602 is a new United Moulders Gas Seal Washer is for 3/8″ thread devices. It is designed around the new 2017 inflators, the  Micro Manual and the Pro Sensor Elite. It can also be bought individually on this link.

It is also to be used on the UML Mk5 and the older Pro Sensor inflators going forward.

It is fitted 1 per device inside the threaded area of the inflator head.

This gas seal washer helps guard against the cylinder coming loose. After tightening the cylinder, the gas seal washer creates a reverse pressure against the thread. The washer also helps to prevent the escape of gas during the inflation process. Cylinders should be checked regularly to make sure they are secure. It is possible for them to come lose in wear.

More information can be found on the manufacturer website.


IU-UM1602 multi pack
The new Micro Manual Inflator by United Moulders Ltd
The new Micro Manual Inflator by United Moulders Ltd

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10 x IU-UM1602 Gas Seal Washer, 50 x IU-UM1602 Gas Seal Washer


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