Hammar MA1 60G CO2 Cylinder

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Hammar MA1 60g CO2 Zinc Coated Cylinder with pre-glued Black Locking ring. Fits both MA1 and M2 Op Heads.

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Hammar MA1 60g CO2 Zinc Coated Cylinder with pre-glued Black Locking ring.

These Hammar MA1 60g CO2 cylinders are manufactured to the highest standards. 60g refers to the quantity of CO2. The Gross Weight of the cylinder is stamped on the bottle along with other information such as manufacture date. 239.0g is the weight of my current batch and that should be consistent.

NB. Items containing CO2 cylinders can be shipped anywhere in the UK although express shipping is not possible to some destinations. RTS can also supply CO2 items to most European destinations using overland transport. Please check my carriage info page for more detail.

When weighing the Hammar MA1 60g CO2 the user should allow for the additional black locking ring which is 24 grams. So in the above example where the cylinder is stamped with 239.0 grams, the MA1 version should not be less than 263 grams.

CO2 Cylinders do not have an expiry date. Cylinders should not be used if they are showing signs of deterioration. Such signs could be rust or other visible damage.
The user also has to check the green indicator on the locking ring attached to the Cylinder.

If you are unsure if the cylinder is full you can weigh it on calibrated scales to check. If in doubt, don’t use.

The MA1 locking ring is factory fitted and glued. RTS do not sell the locking rings separately.

Hammar MA1 technical and service advise.


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