Standard Retaining Clip Halkey Roberts

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The 8451AMAG Standard Retaining Clip is used instead of the V85006 lock pin on Halkey Roberts 840 and V85000 inflators.

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The Standard Retaining Clip part number 8451AMAG can be used instead of the old style firing pin V85006.

Consider the Standard Retaining Clip Multi Pack on this link if you need several. It offers a saving on buying individually and you can chose from a pack of 10 or a pack of 30.

The Standard Retaining Clip can be used instead of the old style firing pin and isn’t as widely available as the more modern inflator clips. The Firing Pin wasn’t robust enough and the clip offers a better option.

There are 2 types of the standard retaining clip available. The one from RTS and a slightly chunkier version which you can see pictured on the manual inflator link. Both clips do the same job and work on the older Halkey Roberts V85000 Inflator (pre Alpha model) and the Halkey Roberts 840 manual Inflator.

Check out this video. It demonstrates how to re-arm the V85000 Inflator (Grey) as well as the V90000 (Black) Alpha model and you can see the difference between the 2 models.

NB. There are still some of the old Firing Pins available elsewhere on the internet and they are still supplied with the inflator op heads. Whilst the clip works better, if you prefer a pin please contact me in advance as I do have some stock, I just don’t list them for sale.

Standard Retaining Clip


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