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Welcome to the RTS Blog

After 16 months in business as RTS as well as my previous 4 years working in the marine sector supplying specialist workwear and lifejackets, it has become clear to me that many lifejacket users have a lack of understanding of their kit, particularly the private user.

What Inflator mechanism does the jacket use? I often get advised that a customer has ordered the wrong rearming kit.

What size cylinder? Does the cylinder have an expiry date?

What type of lifejacket should I buy? 150N or 275N, Single Chamber or Twin Chamber? What do the EN numbers refer to?

So I’m going to start working my way through various topics and put out the information that I have gained in my time and would welcome contributions from others. I intend to keep it simple. For those that want more detail or depth, there are many options.