Pro1F Auto Inflator by Halkey Roberts

The Halkey Roberts Pro1F Auto Inflator (V86000) is an innovative inflator more likely to be found in premium lifejackets in the UK. The Housing gives the super bobbin a little more protection from splash and humidity.

The Pro1F Auto Inflator also uses a special CO2 cylinder with a factory fitted bayonet attachment.  Some users find that a screw in cylinder can work lose in use and the bayonet attachment seeks to address this problem.

The unit also has a service indicator on the front panel which shows Green for good, or Red for warning. If Red, check before use. Green is reassuring but regular checks are still important.

Pro1F Auto Inflator








You can find the link to the rearming kit or the individual parts used in the Halkey Roberts Pro1F Auto Inflator here.

When you buy the rearming kit, RTS includes an information sheet which will help you rearm your lifejacket and give you some additional advise which you may find useful. But below are a few key points for you to consider.

DO NOT TRY TO INSERT THE CO2 CYLINDER FIRST!!! The firing pin may still be raised and the Cylinder will fire in your hand and could be very uncomfortable.

The first thing you have to consider with this device is the Super Bobbin.

Pro1F Auto Inflator

The V80040 Super Bobbin is the auto firing mechanism. It contains a paper element that dissolves on contact with water and then releases the firing pin in to the CO2 cylinder.

The Super Bobbin has a manufacture date and can be used in your device for up to 3 years, subject to the manufacture date and the type of use.


RTS Rearming kits always contain recently manufactured stock allowing you to get the maximum lifetime use as recommended by the manufacture.

Detailed information on the usage period of the super bobbin can be found here.

You should consider changing the super bobbin before the scheduled replacement date. Some heavy users in the commercial sector change biannually.

The Super Bobbin will only fit in to the head one way. Line it up correctly, insert it in to the Operating Head and then screw the End Cap tightly. You will see the red warning indicator part of the end cap turn green as you secure the end cap.

Finally you can insert your CO2 Cylinder.

Pro1F Auto Inflator

Check the CO2 Cylinder to make sure that the sensor ring is intact. Install the new cylinder by engaging the bayonet tabs in the housing, pushing in and turning clockwise to engage.

CO2 Cylinders are engraved with a manufacture date but do not have an expiry date.


CO2 Cylinders only need to be replaced if the gas has been used or escaped, or if there are signs of damage such as rust.  With the Pro1F Cylinder you also have to inspect the bayonet for wear and make sure the sensor ring is intact.


Pro1F Auto Inflator









It is always handy to have a spare super bobbin and cylinder so that in the event of an inflation, the jacket can be put back in service quickly.

Link to Halkey Roberts Technical Information.