Seago Active 190N AUTO

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The new range of Seago Active 190N Auto lifejackets have been designed to combine maximum comfort with outstanding performance. You won’t know it’s there until it’s needed.

The Seago Active 190N Auto lifejackets have high volume buoyancy together with unique safety features. This jacket is the first choice for those with safety and convenience in mind. The introduction of Cylinder Safe and S Design lung features demonstrate Seago’s ongoing investment in safety innovation. The 3D contour design reduces the surface area in contact with your body making the lifejacket almost unnoticeable for both men and women.

  • Certified to BS EN 12402-3 150N with an actual test buoyancy of 190N.
  • automatic and manual inflation provided by UML Mk5 Inflator.
  • oral backup inflation.
  • safety whistle.
  • durable plastic buckle.
  • double crotch strap.
  • Easy access to inflator mechanism through bursting zip cover.

Seago User’s Manual.

The Active Auto uses the popular UML Mk5 inflator from United Moulders. Please follow this link for further information on the UML Mk5 Inflator.

Seago Seaguard 165N AUTO Harness








The Black Cartridge with Green End Cap, Model UMA5000 is a key part of the mechanism. It contains the paper element that dissolves on contact with water. This releases the spring and fires the CO2 Cylinder. The jacket should inflate fully in a few seconds. The cartridge has a replace by date, but this is the maximum date. Check the UML recommendations on the UMA5000 listing and consider changing before the replace by date. It might avoid accidental inflations.


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