Alcares Lifebuoy Light

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Alcares Lifebuoy Light BL-2H-ALK

The Alcares Lifebuoy Light is an automatic water activated light and a flashing light type.

The light is equipped with a test button. When pressed the light flashes rapidly in a short sequence. The light will turn on automatically if in contact with water. The light will turn of when lifted out of the water. The bracket holding the Alcares Lifebuoy Light is to be secured to the ship using all four holes. Make sure the height to the water is less than 72 meters. Connect the light to the lifebuoy with the lanyward.


The light is completely sealed and tamper free. The battery inside is an alkaline type, that requires no further service. On the label is clearly indicated manufacturing date and expiry date and it has a 5 year storage time.


Size bracket: 110mm x 110mm x130mm (LxWxH).
Size light: 210mm high, 96mmØ.
Weight total: 253g.
Material: polycarbonate.
Waterproof Battery: Alkaline, 5 years storage life (-30ºC to +65ºC).
Operational life: minimum 2 hr.
Operational temperature -1ºC to +30ºC.
Light intensity minimum 2 candela.
Flash rate 51 flash/minute, Flash length 0.31 seconds.
Approvals: SOLAS MED 96/98/EC.

More information is available on the manufacturers website.


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