LIfejacket Service

Lifejacket Service

Lifejacket Service with RTS and SeaSafe.

RT Supplies Ltd has teamed  up with SeaSafe Systems Ltd to offer a Lifejacket Service drop off and pick up option for Lancashire and North West of England.

SeaSafe have been established since 1966 and manufacture lifejackets and a range of garments with integrated lifejackets from their base in the Isle of Wight. They provide full service options for SeaSafe items as well as other brands of EN certified life jackets.

  • Upload the Service Form and complete your details.
  • Drop items off at RT Supplies Ltd who will check and complete the form, adding the order reference and give you the customer receipt.
  • SeaSafe will contact you for payment once service is completed. Payment is usually by credit card.
  • The serviced jackets are returned to RT Supplies Ltd.
  • Pick up the serviced jackets from RT Supplies Ltd.

Service Charge is from £12.95 for a manual jacket. Auto lifejackets may cost more as auto trigger mechanisms will almost always be replaced unless nearly new. Please feel free to contact for more detailed information.

Turnaround time is approx 14 days. It can be longer at busy periods.

This is primarily a drop off service facility for EN certified lifejackets and integrated garments. By using this drop off and pick up service there are no shipping charges, just the base service costs. However if you have difficulty and require a return delivery, please contact Richard on 07739 765727 or via email

Lifejacket Service

Items are sent securely from RTS to SeaSafe in one of their Blue Boxes via priority courier.

If you need an urgent turnaround time, please contact RTS in advance and we will see if we can help.